2019 Summer Reading Lists

Staff Summer Reading list #2

Summer is here! Time for swimming, playing, but most importantly, reading! Reading out in the sun on the porch, or making trips to the library to see if that popular new title is available. Looking for summer reads? Check out some of our CLCers suggestions!

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Bill’s suggestions:  

I really have appreciated “The Calvary Road” since I joined CLC in 1966.

This book needs to be read often. The big “I” needs to become a bent “C”. 

This lesson on humility has been very important in my life. 

Calvary Road has been printed in the millions. I recommend this great book to all Christians. 

I also appreciated “Sit, Walk, Stand” by Watchman Nee. I found this to be a very practical book.






Marcia’s suggestions:   

Working in the Customer Service Department of CLC Publications, I get to hear from our customers about what their favorite books are.  This week I spoke with three different customers who list Watchman Nee books as their favorites because of their emphasis on Biblical truth that can be applied to the daily Christian life.  Love Not The World: A Prophetic Call to Holy Living andSong of Songs: Unveiling the Mystery of Passionate intimacy with Christ are both books on my reading list this summer because of customer recommendations.

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