Is it possible to have peace in the Middle East?

“Is it possible to have peace in the Middle East?”  It’s a question that many are asking today in light of current events, but it’s been a relevant question throughout the generations.  

The history of the Holy Land is a tapestry of interwoven narratives of people experiencing conflict looking for peace.  That’s also the history of mankind beginning with Adam and Eve.  Power struggles and clashes over water and land rights, traditions, religious beliefs, and cultural differences are nothing new.  Empires have been crushed and peace within families destroyed because of honor, or the lack of it.  The stories of those conflicts and of the individuals, tribes, and nations that experienced them are documented in the Bible.  The current Israel Hamas war is another one of those narratives.  Deep wounds have left ruins in the land as tangible as the ancient rubble.    

CLC Publications author Hanna Shahin grew up in the midst of those ruins, the lingering conflict, and those interwoven narratives.  In his book My Enemy…My Brother: God’s Grace in the Life of a Palestinian, he shares about his own unexpected experience with peace one evening in Jerusalem and the new chapter that was written in his life.  

“I lifted up my soul to God and asked for His forgiveness.  Jesus had paid my penalty through His death on the cross of Golgotha.  A heavy burden was lifted off.  Joy welled up in my soul.  Something had happened within me.  It was instantaneous.  It was magnificent.  It was indescribable, but it wasn’t man-made.”

“As I walked home that evening, feelings of elation, of newness, of sheer ecstasy ran through me like a flowing river.  Everything around me seemed new.  I had walked those streets hundreds of times before.  The old city of Jerusalem had not changed.  I had.”

No one wants to live in conflict.  Many attempts have been made over the years to work towards peace in the Middle East, but humanly speaking, we aren’t capable of achieving it on our own.  Dr. Shahin writes, “Only Christ works across national, ethnic, cultural and religious divides.  To Him, these are futile inventions that have only caused problems within the human race.  To Him, there is no Jew, Christian, or Muslim.  There is no Arab or Israeli.  We all lose our differences in Him.”  


Hanna Shahin has penned his testimony in his book, “My Enemy…My Brother”, in the hopes it would serve as a beacon of hope. Hannah’s story illustrates that with God’s grace, even the most entrenched conflicts can be transformed into stories of redemption and reconciliation. It reminds readers that, as Christians, we are called to be instruments of peace, love, and reconciliation in a world desperately in need of these qualities The Israel-Palestine conflict remains a complex and deeply rooted issue, but it’s through stories like Hanna Shahin’s that we glimpse the profound love of Christ and the potential for lasting peace.

To learn more about “My Enemy… My Brother,” click here.

Top 5 Books to Read this Summer

Summer is here! Whether you are sitting outside after church enjoying the afternoon sun or have a few extra moments in your evening before bed, there is no better time to read a book than in the summer. Summer is also the season where we can slow down and take much needed time to refocus our lives on God and His Word. 

Here you can find our CLC booklist to read this summer, written by authors who love God’s sunny season as much as we do. From best-sellers to new releases, we hope you find something that catches your eye.


Amazing Love Corrie Ten Boom

1. Amazing Love – Corrie ten Boom

Description: Following her miraculous release from a Nazi concentration camp, Corrie ten Boom refused to give into the weakness of anger, claiming, “Forgiveness requires more strength than hatred.” Sharing incredible stories of encounters with people from all walks of life, Corrie illustrates how a childlike faith in the wisdom and love of God pushes us to forgive the seemingly impossible.

About the Author: It is hard to overestimate the impact of the life of Corrie ten Boom. She and her family risked their lives by hiding Jews in occupied Holland during World War II. Arrested by the Gestapo and sent to Ravensbruck, the notorious Nazi concentration camp, she found for herself the victory that overcomes the world. After being miraculously released, Corrie began an international ministry of writing and speaking. Her extensive traveling to share Christ and counsel the hurting made her a worldwide witness, or, as she put it, a “tramp for the Lord.” Corrie died in 1983, on her 91st birthday.

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2. Just Say Father – Fred A. Hartley III

Description: Fred Hartley opens up the depths of the name Father—the name God chose for Himself so that He could include ordinary people like you and me in His ever-expanding family. Father is the wading-in point in the ocean of prayer, but it is also the Mariana trench—the deepest point you will ever go in prayer is Father. No matter where you are in your Father journey, Just Say Father will validate your heart and encourage you in your quest. Low self-esteem and superficiality are some of the curses of our age—Father is the cure.

About the Author: Fred A. Hartley III is lead pastor of a dynamically unique congregation in Northeast Atlanta where he began ministry in 1988. Lilburn Alliance Church now has members who were born in sixty-four different nations of the world. He is the founder and president of the College of Prayer with 194,000 campuses in 103 countries serving more than 15 million leaders worldwide. Fred has published more than twenty books, including his most recent titles The Seven Wounds of Christ, God on Fire, and Ignite. Leading people to an encounter with the manifest presence of Christ is his life’s passion. He also enjoys running, golf, and playing with his grandchildren.

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The Calvary Road3. The Calvary Road – Roy Hession

Description: Do you long for revival and power in your life? Learn how Jesus can fill you with His spirit through brokenness, repentance, and confession in this updated version of Hession’s classic, The Calvary Road. In the course of eleven chapters, Hession emphasizes the need for personal revival in life with Christ.

About the Author: Roy Hession, a successful evangelist in England, knew he had lost the power of the Spirit in his life – a terrible feeling as he led his evangelistic campaigns. In 1947, Hession met leaders of the East African Church which was then experiencing a sweeping revival, and recognized his deep personal need. It was like starting the Christian life over as he came humbly to the Cross. The principles which the Lord taught him were first published in 1950 as The Calvary Road and are now available in over 70 languages. Hession’s other titles include We Would See Jesus, Be Filled Now, and many others.

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4. Holy Desperation – Vance Havner

Description: “Every one of the great heroes of faith were desperate people,” Vance Havner reminds us. “Daniel in the lion’s den, the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, Elijah and Isaiah, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, the disciples in the storm, Jacob at Jabbok, Moses at the Red Sea, David facing Goliath, the four lepers at the gate of Samaria—every one of them on the spot, desperate.” God delights in blessing those who are desperate for Him. When we feel far from God and need a fresh touch from Him, when we want to obey Him more than anything else, we are becoming desperate. And when we desperately need God and want God more than anything else—we will find Him and be blessed.

About the Author: From a humble beginning in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Vance Havner was called to preach.  Licensed at twelve and ordained at fifteen, he preached all over America.  Havner became one of the best-loved and renowned revivalists of the twentieth century. His home-spun storytelling, quick wit and powerful Christ centered preaching made him a favorite preacher for over seventy years. Billy Graham called him the most quoted preacher in America and said that Vance “used the Word of God like a sword.  You pick any one of his books and you could sense the presence and power of the Holy Spirit leaping off those pages.”

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He's Still on the Throne5. He’s Still on the Throne – Stuart Briscoe 

Description: Woven throughout with rich insights from First Peter, Stuart Briscoe’s He’s still on the Throne will help you find answers during life’s challenging moments. Taking a positive, humorous, and intensely practical approach, Stuart gives clues on finding joy in suffering for Christ, discovering peace in the midst of conflict, and growing as a Christian in the midst of deceit and hypocrisy. 

About the Author: Stuart Briscoe was born in the north of England in 1930. After leaving school he embarked on a banking career and served in the Royal Marines during the Korean War. He preached his first sermon at seventeen years of age; since that time, he has ministered on every continent, written more than forty books, pastored a church for thirty years and founded a worldwide media ministry called Telling the Truth. He has been married to Jill for more than fifty-five years and has three children and thirteen grandchildren.

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This summer, let’s deepen our Christian life. Which CLC Publications would you add to your summer 2022 booklist? Let us know in the comments below!

Don’t Lose Heart: A Message from Jill Briscoe

Please be encouraged by very timely video message for these days from one of our authors, Jill Briscoe. Watch more content from Jill and Stuart Briscoe at Telling the Truth.

Learn more about Jill Briscoe

Jesus and COVID-19: An Easter Message from Fred Hartley

Fred Hartley, pastor of Lilburn Alliance Church in Atlanta, GA, and author of The Seven Wounds of Christ, shared a powerful and timely message this Easter Sunday. Listen now and be encouraged.

Learn more about Fred Hartley

Easter is not canceled!

With all of the disruptions to our normal routines this month, we’d forgive you if you’re not 100% sure what day of the week it is,  but don’t lose sight of the fact that one of the most significant days of the year is fast approaching. We hope you’ll take time leading up to Easter to remember the Resurrection. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you turn your attention from all of the uncertainties of today and focus on the certainty of our salvation through Christ’s work on the cross.


The Seven Wounds of Christ 9781619582583
The Seven Wounds of Christ by Fred A. Hartley III

“Fred Hartley forces us to examine the wounds of our Savior, knowing that as we face Jesus’ unimaginable pain we also find His unimaginable love.”  Mike Scales, President Nyack College 


Victory in Christ Charles Trumbull

Victory in Christ by Charles Trumbull

“In this down-to-earth, practical book, Trumbull reveals insights into the full reality of our victory in Christ, who has acheived by the power of His work on the cross, the freedom that every believer desires.”  (From the back of the book)


Broken People Transforming Grace:  The Gospel’s Message of Saving Love  by Roy Hession

From the author:  “I urge you in your own hour of need to look again, not to some new or deeper or more complicated formula for victory, but to the ancient place of sacrifice, Calvary’s cross.”  


Colossians:  True Life in Christ by Guy H. King

“Are you really living IN Christ?  Have you experienced the true life He offers?  In this chapter-by-chapter study of the epistle to the Colossians, Guy King emphasizes the theme of full salvation and shows us Paul’s heart for the Christians in Colosse, that they might receive every blessing God has for them.”   (From the back of the book)   


Do you know someone who would appreciate one of these titles as a gift? Order today, and we will gladly ship it directly to them. And don’t forget, all orders of $25 or more ship FREE through April 5th. 

Run for Cover (Book Recommendation)

We have heard a lot of people referencing Psalm 91 recently, and we thought, “Hey, we’ve got a book about that!”  Run for Cover by Rhea Briscoe delves deeply into this frequently-quoted Bible passage about God’s protection. Consider picking up a copy of this resource from CLC Publications for coping with these present days while developing spiritual benefits for the future.


“Psalm 91 is a reassuring picture of God’s divine protection promised to those who run to Him for cover.  It offers a source of comfort and security for people today.  It’s a psalm about God being our refuge and our shelter.  It highlights the assurance of His protection and the safety that can be found in His Presence.”  Rhea Briscoe author of Run for Cover


Run for Cover 9781619582231At times, we run from relationship to relationship in search of something real, something deeper.  Run for Cover uses Psalm 91 to teach that what we seek, true intimacy, can only be found in the presence of God.  First-time author and widely sought-after speaker Rhea Briscoe, takes readers through the psalm, highlighting each symbol and metaphor and includes compelling real-life narrative.  Run for Cover asserts that the best place to grow closer to God and find shelter from the trials of this world is in the safest place—in the presence and protection of God.

Purchase Run for Cover by Rhea Briscoe – Now on sale for only $8!


Books On Loving Better

It’s Valentine’s Day, and thoughts turn to love.

But as Christians, our thoughts and prayers are often filled with love.  Prayers for forgiveness when we fail to love as we ought. Prayers for God’s equipping to help us love the unlovable.  Prayers of heartfelt thanks for the saving love of Christ in our lives—and of heartfelt desire for the unsaved to experience it.  

Here are four CLC publications that focus on the love of God, written by authors whose hearts were filled with it, but who were painfully aware that they needed even more of it.  Consider giving yourself a gift this Valentine’s Day, one that will help you love better throughout the year. 

  • If:  This small book with an even smaller title is Amy Carmichael’s challenge to practice Calvary love.  “I have felt these words scorching to write, but it is borne upon me that, in spite of all our hymns and prayers (so many of them for love), it is possible to be content with the shallows of love, if indeed such shallows should be called love at all.”  Heart-hitting.

  • The Unfair Advantage:  “If the faith stream of your marriage roars like raging rapids, then everyone around you will be strengthened by the authentic way that you and your spouse love and interact with one another.”  Dr. Harold Arnold, Jr. instructs the reader on how to apply the gift of God’s grace to make marriage work.

  • Song of Songs:  Watchman Nee explores the love relationship between the believer and the Lord in this commentary that walks the reader through the spiritual stages of initial love, faltering love, growing love, transforming love, and mature love using the poetic imagery of the Song of Solomon.

  • Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself:  A practical guide in carrying out the work assigned by the Lord Jesus—“the work of telling others the Good News about God’s wonderful kindness and love”  (Acts 20:24). Author Ken Wilson reminds readers to “Grab hold of God’s promise that He has poured out His love into your heart by the Holy Spirit. Allow that love to flow from you into the edges of your world.”  

Navigating Noel [Giveaway]

For many, celebrating the holidays surrounded by family and friends is the highlight of the season.  While our relatives have their charms, they can also have their challenges.  The reality is that we are still sinners underneath the tinsel and wrapping paper.  In the midst of all of that good cheer there will also be bitterness, brokenness, and addiction, which can lead to hurtful comments and behaviors.

As you prepare for the holidays, include these CLC Publications on your “To Read” list to help you minister to those around you who are in pain—or causing it.


  Stop Your Complaining Ronnie Martin

Stop Your Complaining:  From Grumbling To Gratitude
by Ronnie Martin

We whine. We nag. We complain about practically everything. Stop Your Complaining boldly dissects this oft-overlooked and all too familiar sin. Ronnie Martin references stories of the Bible, like the Old Testament grumblings of the Israelites, and adds a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor to explain how Christians can trade an attitude of grumbling for one of gratitude. Stop Your Complaining teaches that God’s grace and his word will radically change what we feel in our hearts and say with our mouths.


Too Blessed to Say Yes

Too Blessed To Say Yes:  When The American Dream Keeps Us From Surrendering To God
by Jenny Day Jones

Material blessings often prevent us from saying “yes” to what God wants. With flair and authenticity, Jenny Day Jones shows how realizing this truth completely transformed her family. Through studies of the Beatitudes and the Rich Young Ruler, as well as personal narratives, Jones reveals how we can put aside ourselves and live a life defined only by God’s grace.


Resisting Gossip Matt Mitchell 9781619580763

Resisting Gossip: Winning the War of the Wagging Tongue
by Matthew C. Mitchell

Hey, have you heard about… Gossip. It’s on Facebook, on the television, in the break room, and even in our churches. With gossip being so prevalent in our culture, it can be hard to resist listening to and sharing stories about other people’s business. But what does God say about gossip? And is it possible to follow his instructions? In Resisting Gossip Pastor Matt Mitchell not only outlines the scriptural warnings against gossip, but also demonstrates how the truth of the gospel can deliver believers from this temptation.  


Crossing the Jordan

Crossing The Jordan: Living Victoriously in Difficult Relationships
by Diane Hunt

Do you seem to always be in a bad mood? Has someone sinned against you? Is your loved one struggling with addiction? Just like the Jordan River prevented the Israelites from entering the promised land of milk and honey, obstacles in your life—including your own attitude—may be keeping you from living in Christ’s full victory. This workbook targets key heart issues and is designed to be completed in fourteen to sixteen weeks. If you diligently apply these biblical concepts and seek the illumination of the Holy Spirit, Crossing the Jordan will change you, renew you and help you grow.  


Why Is This Happening To Me?  How God Brings Blessing From Our Pain
by Wayne Monbleau

Why are some people able to transcend the most terrible of circumstances while others seem overwhelmed by lesser troubles? How do some seem to gain new strength from their adversities while others fall into deep bitterness as a result of their suffering? Wayne Monbleau faces the issue of suffering and dares us to see it afresh. Trials, he writes, can actually be God’s means of lifting us into a higher life. But ourresponse to suffering determines its outcome. Will we find courage to accept God’s method of growth in our lives? Addressing issues that often frustrate or discourage us, Monbleau uses stories and keen biblical insight to convey the message that God intends life to come out of death. If we allow Him, He will take our wounds and use them for healing; both for us and for others.  


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Las 7 Llagas de Cristo (The Seven Wounds of Christ) – An Excerpt

Las 7 Llagas de Cristo por Fred Hartley

Zona cero: El lugar en la superficie de la tierra por encima y por debajo donde impacta una bomba nuclear. El punto central de una idea con cambios acelerados o de actividad intensa.

La cruz de Cristo indica la zona cero para todo el género humano, a lo largo de la historia de la humanidad. Los sufrimientos de Jesús, cuando Él recorrió la Vía Dolorosa, el camino del dolor, hasta el lugar de su crucifixión, formaron una explosión nuclear de proporciones épicas e impactaron todo por encima de la cruz y por debajo de ella: la justicia y la misericordia de Dios por encima, y las desesperadas heridas de la humanidad por debajo. Recorreremos en este libro los lugares donde se produjeron las 7 llagas de Cristo y descubriremos la obra explosiva de Cristo que no destruye, sino que sana a las personas heridas, que han sufrido un trato despiadado. La combinación de las heridas de Cristo constituye el punto central de la redención que produce el cambio de vida más acelerado y la más intensa actividad de sanidad en cualquier parte del planeta.

Reconozcámoslo: estamos heridos y nos desangramos. Cada uno de nosotros hemos recorrido nuestra propia vía dolorosa y tenemos nuestras propias formas de enfrentar el sufrimiento, aunque las heridas nos lleguen de maneras despiadadas e inesperadas —ya sea de tipo financiero, emocional, matrimonial, moral o físico—. Algunos de nosotros nos rascamos obsesivamente las costras solo para hacerlas sangrar nuevamente, mientras que otros tratamos de apartar la mirada en señal de negación. Tal como escribió sabiamente C.S. Lewis: “El dolor insiste en ser atendido. Dios nos susurra en nuestros placeres, nos habla a nuestra conciencia, pero grita en nuestros dolores: que son el megáfono que Él usa para despertar a un mundo sordo”.1 Tenemos que enfrentarnos tarde o temprano a la sinfonía, sin importar cuán mal suene. Las heridas requieren atención.

Siempre es más fácil enfrentar nuestras heridas, cuando sabemos que hay una cura. Las llagas de Jesús hacen justamente eso. Las heridas de Jesús no son para las personas religiosas, sino para los heridos. No hay nada religioso en la cruz. Jesús no fue crucificado en una iglesia entre dos candelabros; Él fue clavado en una cruz que se interponía entre dos ladrones. Por esta razón, este libro no es tanto para las personas religiosas sino para aquellas que están dispuestas a afrontar sus heridas. Las palabras del profeta hebreo Isaías explican bien la verdad sobre las heridas de Jesús que tenían la intención de sanar las nuestras: “Ciertamente El cargó con nuestras enfermedades / y soportó nuestros dolores… Él fue traspasado por nuestras rebeliones, / y molido por nuestras iniquidades”2. Las heridas de Jesús son nuestras heridas, y Sus heridas son para nuestra sanidad. De alguna manera, nuestros caminos de dolor convergen con su camino de dolor, mientras recorremos la Vía Dolorosa. ¡Pero no nos adelantemos! Descubriremos nuestra sanidad a medida que avancemos un paso y una herida a la vez.

No se equivoque: ¡la cruz es un escándalo! Incluso el predicador del primer siglo, Pablo, dijo que predicó “a Cristo crucificado. Este mensaje es motivo de tropiezo [skandalon]”.3 Un skandalon era un trozo de madera móvil que servía de gatillo en una trampa. Era

como un retoño de árbol oculto y doblado que se usaba para atrapar las presas. Aquellos de nosotros que alguna vez nos hemos sentido estafados, engañados y escandalizados en la vida, descubriremos que contamos con un amigo que es Jesús, quien fue víctima del mayor escándalo que alguno de nosotros se pueda imaginar. No importa cuán profundas sean nuestras heridas o cuán agudo sea nuestro dolor, las heridas de Jesús son más profundas.

Este libro nos llevará a un viaje paso a paso a lo largo de la Vía Dolorosa, donde examinaremos cada una de las siete llagas de Jesús en los lugares donde Él las recibió. Comenzaremos nuestra discusión sobre cada llaga con una explicación médica de lo que Jesús experimentó. Sí, una explicación científica realista. Primero queremos comprender cómo era Jesús, como hombre del primer siglo, con el fin de mantener la objetividad de nuestro estudio.

Cada capítulo contiene tres secciones. La primera se titula La entrega de Cristo. Agrupamos con demasiada frecuencia las llagas de Cristo en un solo incidente violento e injusto y, por lo tanto, perdemos el impacto más amplio de su sufrimiento. En realidad, cada una de las heridas de Jesús corresponde a una decisión voluntaria e individual de sometimiento por parte de Cristo. Él se sometió voluntariamente a siete experiencias distintas de dolor extraordinario, cada una con un propósito redentor particular.


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Sobre el autor

Fred Hartley

Fred Hartley es pastor principal en Atlanta, Georgia y Presidente del Colegio de Oración Internacional. Ha escrito veinte libros incluyendo Oración en Fuego y Dios en Fuego. Conducir a la gente a un encuentro con la presencia manifiesta de Cristo es su pasión. También disfruta corer, jugar al golf y pasar tiempo jugando con sus nietos.



Sobre el libro

Las 7 Llagas de Cristo

9789587371604 7 Llagas de CristoFred Hartley comparte cómo las llagas de Cristo en la cruz representan la totalidad de su expiación y cómo cada una corresponde de manera individual a una sanidad obvia en nosotros, en su libro Las 7 llagas de Cristo.

The First Temple Child – An excerpt from Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur

On the sixth day of the month, at evening, the Dohnavur Family meets in the House of Prayer. Any little ones who have joined the Family in the preceding month are brought to the leader of the meeting and dedicated to the Lord, through whose mighty power they have been rescued from an environment in which they could not have grown up pure and good. Then there is a time of prayer for children in danger. In quick succession, but not hastily or carelessly, members of the Family mention the names of temple towns in southern India, and as each name is spoken all join in the petition, “Lord, save the children there!”

Many hundreds have been saved in answer to those prayers, including the great majority of those who take part in them. The custom—but the word sounds far too formal—dates back to January 6, 1905, when it seemed as if Amma’s hopes of saving temple children were fading into nothingness. But it is linked also with an earlier date—March 6, 1901—when the first temple child escaped, and was brought next morning to the bungalow at Pannaivilai.28 She was seven years old when she left the house of the temple woman at Great Lake, crossed the water to Pannaivilai, and was found by a Christian woman outside the church. It was already dusk, and when the woman found that the child came from a temple woman’s house, and that she begged not to be taken back, she took her to her own home for the night. She went hungry to bed because she was a high-caste child and would not break caste by eating the kind woman’s food. Preena—for that is her name—finds it difficult to remember how long she had lived in the temple woman’s house.

Once already she had escaped and made her way to Tuticorin, 138 Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur where her mother lived. But the temple women had followed her, and her mother unloosed her clinging arms and gave her back to them. They branded her little hands with hot irons as a punishment for attempting to escape. Then she gradually understood that she was to be “married to the god,” and though she was too young to appreciate what was involved, and that the training in singing and dancing was the prelude to a life of shame—“deified sin,” as Amma calls it—she knew enough to shrink from it all. Could she find her mother again and persuade her not to send her back? The temple women had tried to scare her with talk of the “child-catching Missie Ammal,” and, in a dim, confused sort of way, perhaps she felt that to be “caught” by her would at least mean escape from the clutches of the temple women. But it was surely her angel who led her first to a Christian woman, and then the next morning to Amma.

After that there was no more to be said. She loved Amma from that moment. Fifty years later, when Amma was with the Lord, she wrote: When I first came it was the early morning of March 7, 1901, about 6:30 a.m. Our precious Ammai was having her morning chota. When she saw me, the first thing she did was to put me on her lap and kiss me. I thought, “My mother used to put me on her lap and kiss me—who is this person who kisses me like my mother?” From that day she became my mother, body and soul. Now the Walkers and Amma, and the Starry Cluster, had been away from Pannaivilai for about a year.

Walker had paid his first visit to the convention of the Reformed Syrian Church in Travancore, while the rest of the family had been spending the whole time in Dohnavur and the surrounding villages. Who planned it that they should return to their old home in Pannaivilai on the very day when Preena took courage and escaped from the temple woman’s house? The devil raged, for this was a child whom he had ensnared, but what would have been his fury if he had known that this incident would lead to the deliverance of hundreds of others, of boys (eventually) as well as girls, and to the establishment of a work whose ultimate value to the cause of Christ in India, and in the world, only God Himself can measure?

Want to read more? Learn more about the life and ministry of Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur

India’s Temple Children

The devadasi system of dedicating young girls like Preena to be used as temple prostitutes was banned by the government of India in 1982 but the practice still occurs today amongst the most vulnerable and impoverished. In the Hindu religion, the only hope for a better life for these women is reincarnation.

Throughout the world, people are experiencing the devastation of abuse and exploitation through sex trafficking, domestic servitude, and forced labor. Reports indicate that human trafficking is a $150 billion dollar industry that holds 40.3 million victims hostage around the world (Polaris Project).

On September 22nd, “Freedom Sunday”, churches around the world will worship and pray to bring an end to human trafficking across the globe.  In Jesus Christ, there is hope for a better life now and in eternity for these victims. Amy Carmichael knew that truth and acted on it.

Will you?

Here are some CLC publications that we believe will help you prepare your heart to fight for freedom in Christ for those who are forced to remain silent.


“Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

-Proverbs 31:8-9 ESV



“The Facts.” Polaris,



Healing for Hurting Hearts

Healing for Hurting HeartsA Handbook for Counseling Children and Youth in Crisis The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed. – Psalm 34:18 (NLT)

Of the 2.2 billion children in the world, 1.5 billion-two-thirds-are children at risk or in crisis.

The strategies and methods outlined in Healing for Hurting Hearts are imbued with faith in the Healer who mends broken hearts.





Kohila 9788190127707


The Shaping of an Indian Nurse Recounts the shaping of an Indian nurse. No work that is set on following the Crucified escapes the cross. Those who do not weaken on some point of loyalty to Truth find themselves bearing the reproach of Christ.




Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur

Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur 9780875080840

Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur tells the powerful testimony of a woman who gave herself unconditionally to Christ and ministry in India.

“We went to see an old lady who was very ill. She had not heard the Gospel before, but was willing and eager to listen… It was cold weather and I had on fur gloves. `What are these?’ she asked, stretching out her hand and touching mine. She was old and ill and easily distracted. I cannot remember whether or not we were able to recall her to what mattered so much more than gloves. But this I do remember. I went home, took off my English clothes, put on my Japanese kimono, and never again, I trust, risked so very much for the sake of so little.”


The Broken Curse

the broken curse tom elliff


A cruel remark or a biting criticism can become like a curse. It has the power to set the course of your life. But, in Christ, there is freedom from that curse. Tom Elliff knows this from personal experience. In The Broken Curse, he shares his story of personal deliverance, along with God’s “secret” for breaking the curse of words.



Some helpful resources on Human trafficking:

About Freedom Sunday: IJM Freedom Sunday 

FAST Freedom Sunday 

Recognize Human Trafficking around you: A21’s “Can you See Me” 







Lord, refresh me…

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.

– Jeremiah 31:25

Who can’t relate to the satisfaction of a cold drink on a hot summer day? In Jeremiah 31:25 God promises that He will “refresh the weary and satisfy the faint”.  If you’re looking for some spiritual refreshing this summer, here are some CLC Publications that may revive your parched soul.

Here are some resources that might give you some refreshment today.


A Vision of the Deep

Vision of the Deep Susan Sutton 9780875087863


Has your walk with Christ become a duty rather than a passion?

If you want to build a ship, don’t just gather men to collect wood, divide the work and give orders. Rather, teach them to long for the immensity of the sea.

Susan Sutton takes us beyond a sense of obligation and responsibility in the Christian life to give us a “vision of the deep.”
—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

If you are dissatisfied with “surface living,” join Susan in this life-altering venture to lose yourself in the fathomless depths of Jesus Christ.





Living the Christ Life

Living the Christ Life Becky English 9780875089744


If you’re serious about serving Christ, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to be genuinely holy and fruitful. Living the Christ Life combines gems from classic authors like Amy Carmichael, Andrew Murray and Vance Havner to create a practical daily devotional on living for Christ not in our strength, but in His.








Upgrade Michael Catt 9781936143214

From Adequacy to Abundance Your upgrade is now available. In Upgrade, Michael Catt outlines the behaviors and mindsets of immature faith and explains how God equips and empowers us to enjoy the Christ-filled life promised to us in the Epistles. Catt challenges us to accept the “upgrade” offered in Scripture to all Christians-not just an elite few-through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Don’t miss out on God’s best! “You can settle for mediocrity, trying to muddle through on your own strength, or you can claim your upgrade and start living up to your potential in Christ,” Catt writes, “The choice is yours.”