Announcing Pray! and Praise! by Ruth and Warren Myers

After 30 years, CLC Publications is proud to announce that we are bringing back Pray! How to Be Effective in Prayer and Praise! A Door to God’s Presence by Ruth and Warren Myers to print.

Ruth and Warren Myers spent their lives teaching men and women how to experience God and discover His will. They served with The Navigators for several decades as staff members in Asia and the United States. Both prolific writers, they originally penned this collection together in the eighties.

Warren passed away in 2001, and Ruth in 2010, but their influence lives on in the numerous books they collaborated on, including Pray! How to Be Effective in Prayer and Praise! A Door to God’s Presence, and three Bible studies: Experiencing God’s Attributes, Experiencing God’s Presence, and Discovering God’s Will.

In Pray!, Warren and Ruth Myers will teach you how to pray, outlining the biblical principles, patterns, and practices of prayer. The Myers offer a rich prayer theolCover of Pray! by Ruth and Warren Myersogy while providing practical ways to enrich your prayer life.

Whether shaping habits for your own Quiet Time (the devotional time Christians spend to study the Bible and connect with God) or explaining the Lord’s Prayer, the Myers use Scripture as the foundation for their teaching. They exhort all Christians to practice prayer, depend on the help of the Holy Spirit, intercede for the lost, and support God’s global mission.

“Prayer is simple, but maturity in prayer comes from time and practice.” – Pray! Ruth and Warren Myers

Learn how to pray, whom to pray for, and why prayer matters!

Cover of Praise! by Ruth and Warren Myers

Warren and Ruth Myers invite you to marvel at the one true God most worthy of our praise, which is rooted in rich biblical understanding in their book, Praise!. They call on all Christians to cultivate a deeper relationship with God through the daily practice of rich praise.

Focusing our attention on God, Ruth and Warren teach us that the more we come to know God, the more we will desire to praise Him. Joy flows from knowing Him. Warren and Ruth showcase the biblical foundation for praise and delve into the difficulty of praising in all circumstances. They invite you to enter the true joy and freedom of praising our glorious God.

“Praise enables God to give us external deliverances and blessings, which in turn call forth fresh praise.” – Praise! Ruth and Warren Myers

Discover how to praise the Lord in spirit and truth in Praise!

Study materials regarding tips for planning your quiet time and a devotional study on praise are included with each title.

Pray! and Praise! will be released on April 15th and can be ordered through:

We hope that these titles will be a blessing to you!