Prospective Authors (Submissions)

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Submission Guidelines

CLC Publications is a nonfiction, deeper-life Christian publisher.  As such, we do not accept works of fiction, poetry, or children’s books.

CLC Publications is happy to review book proposals, with or without a partial or complete manuscript. No manuscript will be considered, however, without a book proposal.

CLC Publications will not publish a manuscript whose author does not agree with and accept its Statement of Faith and Mission Statement as stated here.

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Once completed, please send the document to along with any questions you may have. We will be in touch with you within 6 to 8 weeks of your submission.

Submission Overview

Submission Overview

Submission Date:

Book Title:

Book Subtitle:

Author Name (as you would like it to appear in the book):

Book Summary (20 words):

Manuscript Status (number of months until completion):

Projected Final Word Count:

Contact Information

Author Name:

Manuscript Overview
Please provide:

  1. Premise statement: provide a brief paragraph (200-300 words) on what the book is about.
  2. Audience description: explain what type of person would want to read the book.
  3. Competitive titles: list of three or four similar books on the market. What makes yours different?
  4. Table of contents: list of chapter titles as well as section titles.
  5. Chapter-by-chapter synopsis: write a short paragraph description of each chapter.
  6. Sample chapter: attach in an email two to three sample chapters from your book. These chapters do not have to be the first two in the book, but they should represent your best work.
  7. Foreword and introduction: list potential candidates to write a foreword or introduction.

Author Background
Please provide:

    1. Author photo: feel free to submit more than one pose as you would like it to appear in the back cover of the book. Each photograph submitted must include the photographer’s (or photo studio’s) name to insure proper credit is given. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain all rights to use the photograph in all promotion and publicity activities on behalf of the book. Please send digital photos in an email attachment. Photos must be high resolution, at least 300 dpi and at least 5” x 7”.
  1. Author biography: include any biographical profiles that have been written and/or published. You may use one that you have written yourself. This will appear in the back cover of the book.


  1. What is your educational background? Please include high schools, college/universities, seminaries, etc.
  2. What is your personal/professional background (under 200 words)? Emphasize expertise and experiences that make you an ideal candidate to write this book.
  3. Please list the title of any previously published books, the publisher(s), year(s) of publication, and sales for each.
  4. Please list any print or online news magazines or blogs or newspapers that you have contributed to or contribute to on a regular basis.
  5. Have you been on television or radio? If so, please list the date, show and reason for appearance.
  6. Do you belong to or administer any charities or ministries? If so, please list them.
  7. Have you received any professional awards?

Marketing and Promotion


  1. Do you know any communities or organizations that might have particular interest in your book topic? (For example: universities, churches, homeschoolers, etc.)
  2. Do you have a list of any influential persons you know in the media, ministry, or community who are interested in the topic of your book and who might be willing to endorse your book? If so, please list below.
  3. Are you presently speaking on the subject matter of the book?
  4. Do you write articles on the topic your book covers? If so, please list below.
  5. Do you appear on television or radio regularly? If so, list the media outlet.
  6. List any media connections you have (names, affiliations, and your connection)?
  7. Do you or any affiliate organizations plan to make bulk purchases of the book?

Internet Presence

Building your brand and having an online presence are key components of being a successful author. Please provide a detailed account of your internet presence so we can see where you are making successful inroads as well as areas where we can help you grow. Please include the URL links below.

Blog(s) URL:

Website(s) URL:

Facebook ID:

Twitter ID:

Other relevant accounts:

Preparation of Manuscript

Manuscript should be typewritten in ONE Word document. Generally, double spacing should be used. Single spacing may be used for long excerpts that are to be indented and/or set in a size of type smaller than the rest of the text. Footnotes and endnotes may be single spaced.
Manuscript pages should be numbered consecutively throughout the text, in the upper right-hand corner of the pages. Use the current version of Microsoft Word or OpenOffice (see if possible.

CLC Publications uses the English Standard Version (ESV) as the primary Bible translation. For a reference to another version, please indicate it in brackets after the referenced chapter and verse; e.g., (John 3:16 NASB). We note the Bible versions in the front matter of our books.

All excerpts from the work of another author should be acknowledged by a footnote or endnote in proper format. After the manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author is responsible to secure permission in writing from the owner of the copyright (usually the publisher) to reproduce such copyrighted material. Even if the work is not copyrighted, it is courteous to secure permission anyway.

In securing permission, it is customary to give the name of your book, its nature, and the publisher’s name. The section which is to be used must be specified: i.e., first word and page number to last word and page number of the source material. The author is responsible to make sure that the excerpt is accurate. The author is also responsible to ensure that the manuscript contains nothing of a libelous nature.

Guidelines for Acceptance of Manuscript

  1. No manuscript will be accepted for addition to our list that is in violation of the CLC Statement of Faith or that is not accurate as to fact.
  2. No manuscript will be accepted for addition to our list that is, or contains, an attack on some branch of the evangelical church, or some individual in it.
  3. No manuscript will be accepted for addition to our list that is in violation of biblical doctrines or ethics.
  4. CLC Publications ensures that its evangelical tradition is maintained, and that our main thrust will be in the direction of the building up of believers in the deeper areas of the Christian faith.