Never Stop Learning!

It’s back to school time!

Students of all ages are getting ready to head back to school.  For some, this might be their last “first day” as they begin a final year of studies, but learning doesn’t need to end at graduation!

Take advantage of the new school year to continue your own biblical education. Check out these CLC Publications that will help you to grow in your knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18).

Check them out!

CLC Bible Companion 


Knowing Jesus – who was the man called Jesus? How does He impact my life today? The Bible Book by Book – an overview of each book of the Bible, summarizing key themes, teaching and background.

Bible Teaching – the essential Bible truths on ten key doctrines including God, Jesus Christ and the Church. Discovering God’s Way – practical advice and Bible studies for people wishing to follow Jesus.

Living the Christian Life – how to work out and apply the message of the Bible.

Resources for the Journey – additional aids, as a dictionary of people and places and a guide to key passages. If you’re only going to own one book other than the Bible, this is it.

It’s a one-volume, full-color reference book that walks you through understanding and applying God’s Word!


Blurry 9781619581647



Blurry brings the Bible into focus with easy-to-use reading strategies, charts, and group discussion questions. No insider language. No cryptic diagrams. No theological speeches. Blurry is a straightforward set of first steps that will propel you into a lifetime of reading and enjoying the Bible.

Some Blurry tips for studying The Word:





These Are the Garments C W Slemming 9780875088617


These Are the Garments


In this careful and penetrating study of the High Priestly Robes of Aaron, C.W. Slemming vividly reveals the Old Testament roots of Christianity with intensely practical application for today’s believers. He uncovers the deep connections between the spiritual significance of the garments, and the High Priestly Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.







Also, we compiled some encouraging quotes for you to use and share with your friends. Enjoy!





Lord, refresh me…

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.

– Jeremiah 31:25

Who can’t relate to the satisfaction of a cold drink on a hot summer day? In Jeremiah 31:25 God promises that He will “refresh the weary and satisfy the faint”.  If you’re looking for some spiritual refreshing this summer, here are some CLC Publications that may revive your parched soul.

Here are some resources that might give you some refreshment today.


A Vision of the Deep

Vision of the Deep Susan Sutton 9780875087863


Has your walk with Christ become a duty rather than a passion?

If you want to build a ship, don’t just gather men to collect wood, divide the work and give orders. Rather, teach them to long for the immensity of the sea.

Susan Sutton takes us beyond a sense of obligation and responsibility in the Christian life to give us a “vision of the deep.”
—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

If you are dissatisfied with “surface living,” join Susan in this life-altering venture to lose yourself in the fathomless depths of Jesus Christ.





Living the Christ Life

Living the Christ Life Becky English 9780875089744


If you’re serious about serving Christ, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to be genuinely holy and fruitful. Living the Christ Life combines gems from classic authors like Amy Carmichael, Andrew Murray and Vance Havner to create a practical daily devotional on living for Christ not in our strength, but in His.








Upgrade Michael Catt 9781936143214

From Adequacy to Abundance Your upgrade is now available. In Upgrade, Michael Catt outlines the behaviors and mindsets of immature faith and explains how God equips and empowers us to enjoy the Christ-filled life promised to us in the Epistles. Catt challenges us to accept the “upgrade” offered in Scripture to all Christians-not just an elite few-through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Don’t miss out on God’s best! “You can settle for mediocrity, trying to muddle through on your own strength, or you can claim your upgrade and start living up to your potential in Christ,” Catt writes, “The choice is yours.”

Gossip, we all are guilty of it…on some level

We all encounter gossip of some kind on a daily basis, yet most followers of Christ have received very little training on how to deal with it. Matt Mitchell, author of Resisting Gossip, is actively trying to change that. He recently released the audiobook version for the 6-year print anniversary and is still passionately trying to change the way the church thinks about it and handles it.


Gossip. It has disrupted lives, destroyed relationships, ruined friendships, and wrecked churches. What can we, as Christians, do to avoid gossip? Matt Mitchell, pastor of Lanse Evangelical Free Church in central Pennsylvania, shares some of his insights on this problem from his best-selling book released by CLC Publications, Resisting Gossip, which is now available in audiobook format!


Resisting Gossip Audiobook Matt Mitchell

Pastor Matt recording the book.

Why should people read (or now listen to!) this book?

To learn how to win the war of the wagging tongue! I wrote it for Christians who wanted to defeat this sin in their personal lives. I don’t spend a lot of time in the book trying to convince folks that gossip is bad–most of us would already agree with that. Instead, I try to help followers of Christ who desire to live a God-pleasing life but feel stuck and stymied by both the attractiveness of gossip and the confusion that surrounds the problem. I set out to (1) clarify what is and what isn’t gossip and (2) give confidence to ordinary Christians that they do have the resources in Christ to withstand this temptation. There is are also a couple of chapters about what to do when you’re the target of gossip and a bonus chapter for church leaders to help cultivate a gossip-resistant culture in your fellowship.


I’m excited that Resisting Gossip is now available in an audio format! It was fun to read it on tape, and I’m looking forward to hearing how the Lord uses it in people’s lives.


What do people “gain” from gossip that encourages them to continue to do it?

Great question! It really gets at the heart of the problem which is the problem of the heart. Our sinful hearts love to gather and spread gossip for a whole host of icky reasons. For some, it’s a feeling of superiority; for others, it’s just plain revenge. I often find myself gossiping because I like to be seen as someone “in the know.” In chapter 3 of Resisting Gossip, I present a rogue’s gallery of five different kinds of gossiping people–the spy, the grumbler, the backstabber, the chameleon, and the busybody–and then suggest at least 5 different things that the Bible indicates those kind of people might gain from indulging in sinful gossip. And that’s really just scratching the surface. The good news is that there are biblical alternatives for all of them that are actually more satisfying. We just have to remind ourselves of the treasures of the gospel.


Do you believe that gossip in churches has decreased? Why or why not?

Because of my book? I’d like to think so, but I don’t have any delusions. Gossip is a global problem that will be with us until the return of Christ. I hope that those people who have read Resisting Gossip are more prone to recognize it when it’s coming at them or when they are tempted to do it themselves. And as they mature in Christ, I hope that they are increasingly able to say, “No.” I also hope that churches that have studied the book together have an increased commitment to unity, honoring one another, and godly speech. But I doubt that it’s getting any easier. Culture has made it worse, especially with the negative effects of social media. Now is not the time to drop our guard but to stay on our toes, vigilant in this war of the wagging tongue.


What we can do daily to eliminate the urge to gossip?

Commune with Christ. Walking with the Lord in faith is the greatest protection we have against any temptation, including this one. As we abide in Jesus, we will bear much fruit (John 15:1-8). That means personal prayer, of course, both at specific times and on “speakerphone” all day long. One key prayer I use is Psalm 141:3, “Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Communion with Christ also means Bible intake–incorporating the truth of Scripture in your mind and heart, storing it up for the Spirit to apply at the needful moments. When my heart is full of good stuff like that, I’m much less prone to turn to the icky candy of sinful gossip. The other daily practice I’d recommend is simply reminding yourself that you are called to live a life of love (Ephesians 5:1-2). Gossip is anti-love, so whatever I can do to turn my focus away from pleasing myself and onto the needs of others will redirect both my ears and my tongue.


 Resisting Gossip is now an audiobook available narrated by the author.

If you want to learn more, please check all the different resources that we have available on Resisting Gossip.

About Resisting Gossip

Resisting Gossip TogetherHey, have you heard about… Gossip.

It’s on Facebook, on the television, in the break room, and even in our churches. With gossip being so prevalent in our culture, it can be hard to resist listening to and sharing stories about other people’s business. But what does God say about gossip? And is it possible to follow his instructions? In Resisting Gossip Pastor Matt Mitchell not only outlines the scriptural warnings against gossip, but also demonstrates how the truth of the gospel can deliver believers from this temptation.



About Matt Mitchell 

Matt MitchellMatt Mitchell is a graduate from Moody Bible Institute and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In 2012, he received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Westminster Theological Seminary in biblical counseling under the leadership of the faculty of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF). His doctoral project included writing his first book – Resisting Gossip.

He is active in his association of churches, the EFCA, serving the awesome Allegheny District as the chairman of the Constitutions and Credentials Board, and as the book review coordinator for EFCA Today. His greatest joy in serving Jesus is passionately communicating scriptural truth and seeing lives changed.

Matt Mitchell has been the pastor of Lanse Evangelical Free Church, a 120+year-old church parked along Interstate 80, since he was a rookie pastor in 1998. He is Heather’s hubby, and Daddy to Robin, Andrew, Peter, and Isaac. They live in the woods of Central Pennsylvania with a flock of free range chickens. They do the “homeschool adventure” thing, cut firewood for their outdoor furnace, love to read great books together, and go for long hikes as a family.

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