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An Urgent Need for Ukrainian Refugees

An appeal for the Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Hungary and Romania:

CLC International does not have a presence in Ukraine.

However, we do have many contacts with publishers there, and we have bookshops and dedicated staff in the bordering countries of Hungary, Poland and Romania which have already welcomed over one million refugees.

Over the past days we have been coordinating with Ukrainian Evangelical publishers and distribution channels for refugees on the ground in all of these countries. Our desire is to freely provide the Scriptures, an evangelistic book, and books and Bibles for children – all in the Ukrainian language.

Woman with Ukranian childThe Lord is doing great things in helping us bring this together for the Ukrainian refugees!

  • Josh McDowell Ministries will pay for CLC to print 50,000 copies of More Than a Carpenter.
  • A publisher in Lviv, Ukraine can provide us with two different Bibles for children – 1,000 copies each. They are still able to get them across the Polish border, but we must act quickly, and we need the funds to purchase these Bibles.
  • Christian Focus Publishing has generously offered us the files for many Ukrainian children’s books. All we need is the money to print them.
    We have Christian printers ready to print these titles in Poland.
  • We are also working on printing tens of thousands of New Testaments for free distribution in the Ukrainian language, hopefully in collaboration with the Bible Society or another Christian organization.

In this historic moment, we are looking to the Lord to raise up donors to help CLC International purchase the books and the Bibles for children and to print various titles and the New Testaments.

Friends, the need is huge as you can imagine. We will do as much as we can according to the funds that we receive. What is clear is that the need is urgent and CLC is in a unique position to help provide New Testaments and books and Bibles for children over the next weeks and months.

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