2019 Summer Reading Lists

Staff Summer Reading List #1

Summer is here! Time for swimming, playing, but most importantly, reading! Reading out in the sun on the porch, or making trips to the library to see if that popular new title is available. Throughout the summer, we will be sharing our staff’s favorite CLC Publications books in a couple of posts. This is our first post, but stay tuned!  You might discover a new book or two…

Christina’s list: Everything for the Lord!

John Stanley Surrender 9781619582842


Surrender has inspired me to takes leaps for the Lord. I have the tendency to shy away from things, or I am very fearful of doing what I may feel like God is calling me to do. This book has encouraged me to surrender not just some parts of me but all of me to God. Surrender my heart, mind, emotions and even fears. When I surrender and leap into what God is calling me to do, I’m never doing it alone. I have all of Heaven backing me up. After reading this book it gave me such a hunger and desire to want to please God in every aspect of my life. While surrendering to God may be scary because of the unknown- he’s a trustworthy father that has great plans in store for me. My goal every day is to surrender to his will and his ways.



The book Still I will Praise inspired me to see God in everything and to thank God in all circumstances. There will be times when things aren’t going right and our problems may not go away right away but Renee demonstrated such faith and perseverance and was able to stand on God’s word in some of her darkest times. She was able to have true peace that only comes from the father. His peace surpassed all understanding. Although she had some up and downs, she was able to thank God through it and feel him carry her through. I know for me I’d rather go through something knowing he’s with me then to struggle all on my own. That comforted me to know that when we go through things he never leaves us or abandons us. This book has impacted my life greatly!


Marge’s list:

A powerful book on prayer

Rees Howells, Intercessor Study Guide 9781619582866

I read REESE HOWELLS INTERCESSOR during our first overseas assignment with CLC in Jamaica.  It is such a powerful story of God’s presence and ability to help in any situation.  It was a great help as we began our missionary career.

P.S: you can also pick up the companion study guide, to go along with Rees Howells, Intercessor. It’s one of our favs!

A “quick” but very deep read…

Amy Carmichael’s IF is a book that challenges and is a great reminder of our Savior’s love – a book that can be read over and over and a help to keep us focused and growing in our walk with the LORD.  God bless and encourage you today!





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