Interview with John Stanley, Author of Surrender

From the Bill Knapik Radio Show

How do you find the time to do what God has called you to do when you have a full schedule?  Where do you find the strength to endure life’s most difficult pain and suffering? Author John Stanley reveals the answers to these challenging questions and more through his personal stories.

Listen to the full interview here:


About John Stanley: ​John Stanley serves as a pastor on staff in the worship ministry at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. An internationally recognized composer, arranger, music producer, percussionist, and drummer, he has been part of the professional music scene for over a decade and has worked with multiple award-winning artists, producers, and songwriters​. John desires to connect people to God’s Word through written and spoken truth, while encouraging individuals into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. John and his wife, Sarah, live in Houston with their two children. To learn more about the author, please visit

About SurrenderIn Surrender, John Stanley encourages readers in the call upon every Christian’s life to daily die to self and surrender—in salvation and in every single circumstance. Expertly weaving together Scripture, personal anecdotes, and a white-water rafting story, John explores what a truly surrendered life can look like, and how that provides a new outlook on what it means to live a satisfied, joyful life. To learn more about the book and order a copy, please visit

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