Don’t Lose Heart: A Message from Jill Briscoe

Please be encouraged by very timely video message for these days from one of our authors, Jill Briscoe. Watch more content from Jill and Stuart Briscoe at Telling the Truth.

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Jesus and COVID-19: An Easter Message from Fred Hartley

Fred Hartley, pastor of Lilburn Alliance Church in Atlanta, GA, and author of The Seven Wounds of Christ, shared a powerful and timely message this Easter Sunday. Listen now and be encouraged.

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Easter is not canceled!

With all of the disruptions to our normal routines this month, we’d forgive you if you’re not 100% sure what day of the week it is,  but don’t lose sight of the fact that one of the most significant days of the year is fast approaching. We hope you’ll take time leading up to Easter to remember the Resurrection. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you turn your attention from all of the uncertainties of today and focus on the certainty of our salvation through Christ’s work on the cross.


The Seven Wounds of Christ 9781619582583
The Seven Wounds of Christ by Fred A. Hartley III

“Fred Hartley forces us to examine the wounds of our Savior, knowing that as we face Jesus’ unimaginable pain we also find His unimaginable love.”  Mike Scales, President Nyack College 


Victory in Christ Charles Trumbull

Victory in Christ by Charles Trumbull

“In this down-to-earth, practical book, Trumbull reveals insights into the full reality of our victory in Christ, who has acheived by the power of His work on the cross, the freedom that every believer desires.”  (From the back of the book)


Broken People Transforming Grace:  The Gospel’s Message of Saving Love  by Roy Hession

From the author:  “I urge you in your own hour of need to look again, not to some new or deeper or more complicated formula for victory, but to the ancient place of sacrifice, Calvary’s cross.”  


Colossians:  True Life in Christ by Guy H. King

“Are you really living IN Christ?  Have you experienced the true life He offers?  In this chapter-by-chapter study of the epistle to the Colossians, Guy King emphasizes the theme of full salvation and shows us Paul’s heart for the Christians in Colosse, that they might receive every blessing God has for them.”   (From the back of the book)   


Do you know someone who would appreciate one of these titles as a gift? Order today, and we will gladly ship it directly to them. And don’t forget, all orders of $25 or more ship FREE through April 5th. 

Run for Cover (Book Recommendation)

We have heard a lot of people referencing Psalm 91 recently, and we thought, “Hey, we’ve got a book about that!”  Run for Cover by Rhea Briscoe delves deeply into this frequently-quoted Bible passage about God’s protection. Consider picking up a copy of this resource from CLC Publications for coping with these present days while developing spiritual benefits for the future.


“Psalm 91 is a reassuring picture of God’s divine protection promised to those who run to Him for cover.  It offers a source of comfort and security for people today.  It’s a psalm about God being our refuge and our shelter.  It highlights the assurance of His protection and the safety that can be found in His Presence.”  Rhea Briscoe author of Run for Cover


Run for Cover 9781619582231At times, we run from relationship to relationship in search of something real, something deeper.  Run for Cover uses Psalm 91 to teach that what we seek, true intimacy, can only be found in the presence of God.  First-time author and widely sought-after speaker Rhea Briscoe, takes readers through the psalm, highlighting each symbol and metaphor and includes compelling real-life narrative.  Run for Cover asserts that the best place to grow closer to God and find shelter from the trials of this world is in the safest place—in the presence and protection of God.

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Books On Loving Better

It’s Valentine’s Day, and thoughts turn to love.

But as Christians, our thoughts and prayers are often filled with love.  Prayers for forgiveness when we fail to love as we ought. Prayers for God’s equipping to help us love the unlovable.  Prayers of heartfelt thanks for the saving love of Christ in our lives—and of heartfelt desire for the unsaved to experience it.  

Here are four CLC publications that focus on the love of God, written by authors whose hearts were filled with it, but who were painfully aware that they needed even more of it.  Consider giving yourself a gift this Valentine’s Day, one that will help you love better throughout the year. 

  • If:  This small book with an even smaller title is Amy Carmichael’s challenge to practice Calvary love.  “I have felt these words scorching to write, but it is borne upon me that, in spite of all our hymns and prayers (so many of them for love), it is possible to be content with the shallows of love, if indeed such shallows should be called love at all.”  Heart-hitting.

  • The Unfair Advantage:  “If the faith stream of your marriage roars like raging rapids, then everyone around you will be strengthened by the authentic way that you and your spouse love and interact with one another.”  Dr. Harold Arnold, Jr. instructs the reader on how to apply the gift of God’s grace to make marriage work.

  • Song of Songs:  Watchman Nee explores the love relationship between the believer and the Lord in this commentary that walks the reader through the spiritual stages of initial love, faltering love, growing love, transforming love, and mature love using the poetic imagery of the Song of Solomon.

  • Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself:  A practical guide in carrying out the work assigned by the Lord Jesus—“the work of telling others the Good News about God’s wonderful kindness and love”  (Acts 20:24). Author Ken Wilson reminds readers to “Grab hold of God’s promise that He has poured out His love into your heart by the Holy Spirit. Allow that love to flow from you into the edges of your world.”