Finishing Strong: Stuart and Jill Briscoe in a Focus on the Family Interview

We are glad to announce that Stuart and Jill Briscoe have been recently featured on Focus on the Family for their book Improving with Age. The Briscoes who’ve partnered together in ministry for most of their nearly 60 years of marriage, encourage listeners to maximize every season of their life for God’s glory. Speaking to those in the second half of life, the Briscoes remind you that you’re never too old to be useful in God’s kingdom and that He always has a purpose for you.

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Breaking The Curse of Words


Words can either wound or heal…whether spoken by you, or spoken to you. James reminds us that there is incredible power in the tongue. “With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men who have been made in the likeness of God” (James 3:9).

Those words, penned by James, leave us with two questions:
1) Is your heart wounded and your life still directed by hurtful words spoken to or about you?
2) Have your words brought healing and encouragement to others, or have your words wounded and discouraged them?

The room where I usually write has an expansive view across a lightly forested area that hosts the confluence of two creeks. All kinds of wildlife abound in that area, some feathered, some furry, and some with human skin. Over the years, the local children, including my own grandchildren, loved to play down by the water beneath the trees. Because of this, there was often an odd assortment of shoes at our back entry, none of which fit us, but most of which are covered with mud that will have to be removed before they can be worn again.

It’s difficult to walk in muddy shoes. I know from experience that it can be tiring, down right aggravating, in fact. Muddy shoes weigh you down and make progress slow and cumbersome. Once, while walking in a field with my grandfather, he cautioned me to avoid a particularly low area because it held a great deal of moisture. I did not follow his encouragement, lost a shoe in the mud, and spent the rest of the day apologizing to him for having to hunt for it!

Are you weighed down with the accumulated disappointments, failures, and verbal clods collected from your own past? Rather than your life being a heady adventure, are you just slogging it out? Isn’t it time you removed the verbal debris that has accumulated on your soul? Isn’t it time you experienced what it means to run again, unhindered?

For many years I’ve experienced the joy of sharing how we can break the curse of words. By properly utilizing 1) the Word of God, 2) the Name of Jesus, and 3) the incredible power of the cross, you can break the curse of those words. And your own words can bring healing and encouragement to others.

Rejoice Evermore!
Tom Elliff
2 Timothy 1:12


This coming March, CLC is releasing a newly revised version of  The Broken CurseSome years ago when I first published this book, I had no idea how many people’s lives would be impacted by the simple truth in it. As the masthead above shows, The Broke Curse is available on this site at a discounted price. I hope you’ll use this resource for yourself and with others who need to break the curse of words.

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