Ronnie Martin Writes Article I Am Pastor Kanye West for Gospel Coalition

Pastor Ronnie Martin, CLC author of Stop Your Complaining, recently wrote an article on Gospel Coalition‘s website. But he’s not talking about complaining this time. This time, he has turned his eyes towards “the mother of all sins”, as C.S. Lewis once called it: Pride. Read the excerpt below and then click the link at the end if you want to see how the article ends.

“…And yet, all my initial annoyance and disgust soon came grinding to a halt when I realized the horror of my own heart: Kanye was merely saying everything I believe about myself. And let me prove it by telling you how difficult my Kanye-sized ego made writing that last sentence.

My mind goes to King Nebuchadnezzar. There he was, strutting on the roof of his royal palace with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon spread out below in all their splendor. The pride swelling inside his chest, the glory beaming in his eyes, the belief that all of this grandeur was actually his design, his labor, his legacy (Dan. 4:4–37). I don’t read any of this wondering how he could’ve been so prideful; I read it wondering how on earth he couldn’t have been. I would have been proud, too. I know me.

Here I am, on the second floor of a stark, vacuous office space above a former furniture warehouse. It’s not devoid of charm. The used brick walls, unfinished wood flooring, and exposed metal beams provide the look of a hipster eatery already getting rave reviews on Yelp. But it’s not that. It’s just an empty room with a fold-up table set up for a solo pastor who has a laptop, a Bible, some books, and an embarrassing number of empty Milk Duds boxes.

Outside are the scattered rooftops of an old town whose greatest claim to fame is a place called Grandpa’s Cheese Barn. It’s a quaint, quiet town, well past its glory years. It doesn’t contain a lot of opportunities for ego stroking. I’ve grown to love both the town and the people in it. I head downstairs and pause. I stand on the stairwell looking down at the myriad of tables, chairs, wall dividers, and wooden things, lovingly crafted and arranged by people who sacrificed their time, talent, and treasure to build this church home. My gaze shifts downward. All of this should be enough.

But I know me.” (READ FULL ARTICLE)

Kanye West, Mentioned in Ronnie Martin’s Latest Article