David Apple‘s Not Just a Soup Kitchen Reviewed by the Reformed Churches of New Zealand

“Put aside all other books you have read about becoming a deacon or doing the work of a deacon. This is a book by a man who has walked the talk. It has the information of a good manual and the readability of a good memoir (which the early pages explicitly are). Combining his spiritual calling as a deacon with more down-to-earth “street smarts,” David Apple serves as a fine guide for deacons in the Reformed tradition, and, more broadly, for anyone actively involved in mercy ministry. 

Apple has almost thirty years of experience directing ACTS (Active Compassion Through Service) at Tenth Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Philadelphia. Smack in the middle of that city, he, they, have seen it all. As a result, this book is chock full of good advice. Much of the advice comes in the form of general guidelines, and some in very practical (even pointed) terms, such as: “Do not work harder than the person coming to you for help,” and “It is not the deacons’ task to be ‘Lone Rangers’ in their ministry.”” (read FULL ARTICLE on pages 23-24 of newsletter.)

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