Robert Delancy

Robert Delancy entered Bob Jones University with a desire to be an engineer, but as a freshman sensed a call to ministry and switched his major. While in college, he was active in evangelism, including children’s work, tract distribution, and door-to-door witnessing. After graduating with a Bachelor of Divinity, he decided that his calling was not to pastoral ministry, so he began looking for other places to serve.

Bob began helping with a small Christian magazine, and thanks to the encouragement he had received from his English professor in college, also tried his hand at copy editing. After his time with the magazine, he got involved in a ministry to serviceman in Washington, D.C. While filling in as the ministry’s director for a short period of time, Bob sensed the need for more education, and earned a master’s degree in theology from Faith Theological Seminary. He then taught for a short period at Bible college and later at home for delinquent boys.

Then Bob met an evangelist with a ministry to Jehovah’s Witnesses, and began a ministry of lining up speaking engagements for the evangelist. For three years, Bob served as the “advance man” for the evangelist’s ministry in various states.

He is not sure when he first heard of CLC, but when he found out about an opening for an editor, he put in his application, and in February of 1965 he became the North American publishing house’s first full-time book editor – a position he held for over forty years.