David J. Smith

Dave was born into a military family and had the privilege of living in several states before graduating from high school. It was after this that he met a student from another school who was affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ.  This student shared his faith with Dave with the result that two months later he asked Jesus to become his Savior and his Lord. 
Shortly after that he felt called into the ministry and was led to Asbury College where he graduated with majors in Bible and Philosophy.  While there he met Linda Kellermier whom he married after they graduated. They lived in Ohio for two years where Linda taught school and Dave was involved in the pastorate, camp ministry, and assisting in opening a Christian coffee house.
They then joined WEC International, based in Fort Washington, because they desired to take the gospel to an area where it had not yet been preached.  They went to eastern Guinea-Bissau, an 8,000 square mile area where there had never been an evangelical Christian witness.  They served four years, planting four churches in four towns.
Dave was then asked by WEC to be in charge of mobilization (recruitment) for WEC, which he did for 25 years, based at the WEC campus.   He shared about missions and WEC at churches and schools in almost all the 48 contiguous states.  He and Linda now serve in administrative roles at the WEC campus and are members of CrossWay Community Church in Willow Grove.
They have two children and three grandchildren who live in the area.  Dave is the author of two books, Godly Sorrow Works and An Angel, a Miracle, or Simply God at Work?, both published with CLC Publications.