Angus Kinnear

Angus Kinnear confesses to a revolution in his own Christian life when in 1938 he spent two months in the company of Watchman Nee before himself leaving Britain for India to work for thirteen years as a mission hospital doctor, first with the Dohnavur Fellowship of Amy Carmichael and then as Medical Superintendent of the Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore. His interest in publishing and in indigenous Christian movements led him next, while moving more widely, to spend seven years assisting Asian writers in their contribution to an Indian literature programme. It was for this programme, and with vernacular translations primarily in view, that he edited the first work by Watchman Nee to become widely known in English, The Normal Christian Life. Since then, and after returning to medical practice in Britain in 1960, he has added a further five collections of Watchman Nee’s writings and has gathered material for the present study of his life and China-wide work. He has also, in collaboration with R. R. Rajamani of Madras, written under the title Monsoon Daybreak a parallel study of a twentieth century movement of God in India. Angus and Jean Kinnear live now in south London; they have two sons and a daughter.