Harold Sala Passes on the Torch!

After 53 years of broadcasting, soon-to-be CLC author Harold Sala is passing his leadership responsibilities for Guidelines International Ministries onto Bonnie Sala Craddick. We look forward to seeing the writing, speaking, and teaching opportunities that this opens up for one of the most experienced new authors we’ve ever had!

Harold Sala, pioneer of the five-minute commentary for Christian radio, has passed leadership responsibilities for Guidelines International Ministries, now in its 53rdyear of broadcasting, to Bonnie Sala Craddick. Dr. Sala will serve as board chairman and focus on broadcasting, speaking internationally and writing.

As Guidelines’ chief executive officer for the past two years, Bonnie has expanded the ministry’s international broadcasts, online presence, spearheaded the Guidelines Legacy Project and developed ministry to women (READ FULL ARTICLE)

Harold Sala & Bonnie Sala Craddick